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December 20 2011

Dear Princess Celestia
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December 08 2011


November 14 2011


Fallout:Equestria - Project Horizons

I looked at Cookie’s cleaver and lifted it into the air before Glory.  She looked ill.  “Or would you prefer knives?”  Now she looked really ill.  “Just think of it as really intense surgery.  The procedure is head amputation.”  Okay, that got a little crooked smile.

“Blackjack, how can you crack jokes like this?”  She shouted, then reached out to take the cleaver between her hooves, looking both upset and a little amused despite herself.

“What?  I should be scared?” I said as I looked around the kitchen, grinning as if it were nothing at all. I couldn’t help it!   “Why…

    “When I was a little filly and the lights would turn down looo-o-ow.  
    The darkness and the shadows would make my fear grooo-o-ow.
    I’d hide under my bed from what I thought I saw
    But Gin Rummy said that wasn’t the way to deal with threats at all!”

“You’re… singing?” Glory murmured in shock as I strode out into the hall, calling out like a bucket of rusty nails and drawing every hungry bastard in earshot.  “How can you be singing?!”  Unfazed I continued:

   “She’d say: Blackjack, you need to stand strong,
    Lower your center of maaa-a-ass
    You’ll see that they can’t hurt you
    If you cut them off with a paaa-a-ass!

    The ghouls that spilled out after us met each swing of my rusty chopper, heads and legs parting under its heavy, jagged blade.  “Ha!  Ha!  Ha!”  I laughed out with each sucking ‘thock’ of the blade into the monsters in the hall as we advanced.  If I didn’t get one, Glory finished it off behind me, watching me with astonished eyes.  “Soooo…

    Chop up all the ghosties!
    Tear up all the grossly!
    Glare up at the creepy!
    Smash up any weepy!
    Kick out at the kooky!
    Slice up all the spookie!

    A final surge of ghouls charged as I spread my legs wide in the hall, bracing myself and swinging the chopper as I shouted. “And cut that big dumb scary face and kick him hard in the throat if he won’t leave you alone and if he comes at you again then he’s got another thing coming and the very idea if him hurting you just wanna… hee HAHAHAHAHA!”  I laughed wildly as I lunged forward, the jagged chopper tearing the ghouls into piles of parts as I finished with one horrid buzzing note “Chooooooooooooooop!”  With my last swing, the head of the last ghoul arching over my back to land at Glory’s hooves.

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November 09 2011

0574 cd02
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November 07 2011



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November 06 2011

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Who framed Angel Rabbit?
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the Bear Trap is, besides the Water Ants, one of primary reasons why you can't safely wade in water in the Zone. The small ones are roughly 50cm long. The oldest are over 2m long and can gobble a human whole. They lie in wait centimeters under the bottom of the bog for a victim to step in. They pull in as much as they can swallow, then bite off the rest.

One nasty problem about them is they are virtually indestructible, swallowing sachel charges and just burping fire - so you'd better shoot your leg off if you stepped into one. And they hold in the mud through suction very firmly. After a few days of digesting the prey they spit out any undigested material - bones, metal, rubber, so if the water is clear, they are easily detected by a  circle of bones surrounding them.

Bear Traps are not affected by radiation, so they can inhabit water avoided by water ants, and never cohabit the same area - theory says that their youth are edible for water ants. This is good news for anyone spotting the circle of bones - water with bear traps can be cautiously crossed.

The indestructable nature of Bear Trap has been exploited by industrious stalkers from the Car Wash stalker base. Using a steel rope with a baited anchor and a pulley system they manage to drag a big, old Bear Trap from the bottom of a bog. The bulky, worm-like creature, while unkillable by mundane means, was unable to crawl steep sides of an empty reservoir, and when a blowout came, its psionic wave radiation finally killed the mutant and allowed to cut it using techniques they still keep secret. Dead one has been gutted leaving the unbreakable skin. A sleeping bag was sewn inside, and so the ultimate sleeping bag was made.

Immune to rain, radiation, chemical contamination and blocking most of psionic radiation (not enough to survive blowout though) the sleeping bag is a legend among stalkers. As you pull the opening closed in the evening, just stick out the barrel of the rifle and shoot all the mutants that have gathered around trying to fruitlessly pick at you through  the unbreakable skin. It can stop bullets, contain explosions and gives warmth even in the deepest winter. And isn't all that heavy to that.
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New Rarity hair
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November 01 2011

1928 d71c
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Są bunkry?
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October 30 2011

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Unlike most anomalies that remain anchored to a specific location or move along some route, this Spring anomaly remains anchored to the split branches of this pine tree. Some industrious stalkers will soon cut the tree down and make use of the portable anomaly.
New Luna Hair
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October 26 2011

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But why would you want, ever?
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1938 c675
Typical Internet argument.
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October 25 2011

A truly odd fire anomaly
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October 16 2011

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October 13 2011

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